McKinley Early Childhood Center

Canton, Ohio

(330) 454-4800

What Makes Us Different?

  • Ages 6 Weeks to 5 Years Old
  • Open Monday - Friday
  • Preschool Program
  • Financial Assistance
  • FREE Bussing
  • FREE Field Trips
  • FREE Diapers
  • FREE Baby Wipes
  • FREE Meals
  • FREE Baby Formula

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Hours of operation

Monday - Friday 6:00am to 7:00pm

Get Directions

We are located on Cherry Ave. in downtown Canton, directly across from Fisher's. We are in the old (but newly remodeled!) Canton City Schools preschool building. Feel free to call for detailed directions.

Address: 1350 Cherry Ave NE, Canton, Ohio 44714

McKinley Services


Hours and Ages Served

We offer programs designed to develop children from 6 weeks old thru 5 years old. We also have extended operating hours Monday thru Friday, 6:00am to 7:00pm, catering to parents who work either a daytime or an evening shift.



Our teachers specialize in providing a warm, nurturing environment for all infants. We strive to provide your infant with a schedule that will help transition them into toddlerhood. Diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food are all provided for FREE! Tummy time, arts and crafts, singing, and reading promote motor skills and language development.



The toddler classroom is potty training central! With your help, our teachers take the time to make sure the children are mastering the art of pottying on their own. We will provide diapers during the potty training transition for FREE. Themed lesson plans help incorporate art, science, music, math, and language development in the classroom. Basic concepts involving shapes, colors, numbers, and letters are introduced at this level. It is our goal to send our toddlers to preschool with a foundation for learning.


Our preschool is designed to get your child ready for school! Our curriculum uses creative themes, hands-on activities, and music to teach young children while our structured environment promotes writing, language development, math skills, and science concepts. Preschool children will also gain confidence in areas such as colors, shapes, numbers, and letter recognition. Art, dramatic play, and discussions are utilized to encourage children to work and think creatively. We strive to develop the children's imaginations, reasoning skills, and self-confidence by emphasizing creative problem solving. The emphasis is on the learning process, not on whether something is done right or on time. It is our goal to use these concepts as a foundation to prepare your children for kindergarten.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor space is designed to give children a fun and safe place to play outside while attending our center. Outdoor space is equipped with a jungle gym, basketball hoop, tricycles, jump ropes, and much more!

Rates and Financial Assistance

Stark County Job & Family Services

We are strong supporters of the Stark County Job and Family Services' childcare program, which pays a portion of childcare, depending upon income eligibility. This program has enabled families to work and/or go to school while having quality, affordable childcare.

Private Rates

Please contact us for current private rates.